Unicode Char Encoding Converter 1.0

Unicode Char Encoding Converter 1.0: Convert character encoding (utf-8,unicode,gbk,big5,shift-JIS,euc-kr) in batch Japanese SHIFT-JIS, Japanese EUC-JP, Korean euc-kr character encoding etc, and it can process thousands of files within several minutes. It can convert non Unicode to Unicode, for examples, convert Chinese simplified GBK, Chinese traditional BIG5 to Unicode, convert Japanese SHIFT-JIS/EUC-JP to Unicode, convert iso8859-1 character set to Unicode, and convert ansi to Unicode ect. It also can convert from Unicode to non Unicode, for example, convert

Japanese Suite Screensaver 2.0: We present our new beautiful animated screensaver in oriental style.
Japanese Suite Screensaver 2.0

Japanese and gorgeous flowers. Enjoy realistic effects of "living" water, natural sounds of nature and the charm of a Japanese garden with a gorgeous pond, without leaving your home! Install Japanese Suite colorful animated free screensaver with analog clock. Our screensaver is compatible with any screen resoution! Bright up your desktop with free animated screensavers! Choose from various screensaver categories: 3D, Nature, Holidays, Animated, Special

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Learn Kana Easy 1: Free application for easily learning the Japanese alphabet which runs on windows
Learn Kana Easy 1

Japanese alphabet which runs on windows. Allowing anyone wanting to learn the Japanese alphabet to do just that, in easy steps through an intuitive user interface. For free? For free. A simple interface makes learning the Japanese alphabet easy, your workload can be broken down into manageable chunks allowing you to study with ease. All the symbols are presented in a clear manageable fashion allowing you to work at your own pace. Each symbol can

symbol, free, education, japanese, learning, alphabet, kana

Audio FlashCards (Japanese) 1.4: Learn Japanese with audio flashcards featuring 4000+ native speaker recordings.
Audio FlashCards (Japanese) 1.4

Japanese vocabulary flashcard system for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC. The software helps students learn a large number of Japanese words as quickly as possible in a systematic but fun & simple way. The software incorporates an audio feature that uses a native speaker`s voice recordings of a word`s pronunciation to aid the learning process. There are currently Word Files comprising over 4000 of the most frequently used Japanese words and phrases, each

audio, windows mobile, language, japanese, recordings, flashcards, pocket pc, mobile, vocabulary, words, learn

Japanese Cosplay Costumes 1.0: Japanese Cosplay for Sale toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find Japanese Cosplay.
Japanese Cosplay Costumes 1.0

Japanese Cosplay Costumes for Sale toolbar for Internet Explorer. The number one site for Japanese Cosplay Costumes. Find cosplay for Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Sailor Moon, Fruits Basket, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X and many other anime and manga.

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100 Kanji 1.0.1

Drill Japanese Kanji and words. Build your vocabulary with a solid, proven system, save lots of time, and prepare for the JLPT. Learn raw kanji or use furigana and romaji. 100 Kanji helps you to concentrate on learning Japanese with a slim, no-distraction interface and still keeps track of your progress and offers five different learning modes: Practice Kanji, learn Hiragana readings, or translate English words back to Japanese.

jlpt, furigana, japanese, drill, kanji

Japanese Monsters and Myths 1.0: Japanese monsters and myths.  Antique prints from the 1800`s.
Japanese Monsters and Myths 1.0

Have you ever heard of a Rokurokubi? In Japanese folklore, it is a timid demon that can extend it`s head on a very long neck. In this screen saver you can see a Rokurokubi and a host of demons, goblins, witches, and other creatures collectively called Bakemono or Obake. These rare antique prints of Japanese Monsters and Myths from the 1800`s have been digitally repaired and enhanced for your enjoyment. 49 images are presented.

folklore, tengu, manga, kappa, bakemono, yokai, yurei, obake, myths, noh theater, monogatari, folk tales, anime

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